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Wheels modified to understand the parameters, no longer ugly cry!

  Under normal circumstances, the original wheels are all suitable in size, rigid enough, and simple in structure. The molds are produced in moderation. Although the quality is no problem, the value may not keep up with the aesthetic, and even the wheels of some low-end models are almost as simple. Ugly crying. Therefore, the hub modification has also become a new hot spot, but some parameters related to safety issues during the conversion have to be understood as owners.
  The main parameters of the automobile hub are: hub size, center aperture, pitch circle diameter, offset ET.
  1, wheel size
  It consists of two parameters: the diameter of the bead ring and the width of the bead ring. There are 15x6.5; 15x6.5JJ; 15x6.5J; 1565 and so on. There is no hard-coded format. The front "15" indicates that the hub's bead diameter is 15 inches, and the rear "6.5" (or 6.5J, 6.5JJ, 65) indicates that the hub's bead width is 6.5 inches. The hub size can usually be found on the lettering on the back of the hub.
  2. Center Aperture (CB)
  The big hole in the middle of the hub, the size is measured from the back is the correct data. The cars are different, such as BENZ 66.6MM, BMW 72.6MM. If the axle bore of the rim is large, use a middle hole collar, otherwise the wheels will shake at high speed. Although hubs with different original values ​​can be installed through the positioner, this is generally not recommended for safety reasons.
  3, pitch circle diameter (PCD)
  PCD is the pitch circle diameter refers to the hub bolt holes, such as the representation 5x114.3, "5" indicates the number of bolt holes, representing the locating bolt holes 5; "114.3" represents the pitch circle diameter of the bolt holes is 114.3mm.
  4, offset (ET)
  The positive ET value indicates that the hub fixing surface is outside the center plane, and vice versa. The offset value of the car is generally a positive value, and this value has a great influence on the stability of the car and the tracking of the cornering. It is determined by the original factory, and the non-special needs cannot be changed.
  5, diameter and width
  The hub diameter determines the size of the rim. Since the car's speedometer reading is measured based on the wheel speed, oversizing the speedometer will cause the reading of the speedometer to be too small. If you do not know it, you will be speeding. Excessive wheel diameters will also rub to the wheel arches and fenders. Therefore, the hub is upgraded to be one inch larger than the original one, and no more than two inches at the most. It is also necessary to use thin tires to ensure that the size of the entire wheel is almost the same as before the upgrade. The width affects which tires are selected after the upgrade. Too wide a tire will reduce the starting speed and consume more fuel. The common value corresponds to: 185mm wide tires corresponding to 5 inch wide wheels; 195mm to 6 inches; 205mm to 6.5 inches; 215 to 7 inches.