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Wheel maintenance method

Sometimes I don't notice that the tire hit the road, the tire is fine, but the wheel can be used. For new car owners, of course it is very distressing. After all, the fresh period has not yet passed. Let's talk about how to deal with small wheel scraping.
Wheel scraping treatment:
1. Clean the hub and wipe the area around the defect with paint thinner to remove dirt. You can use a toothpick to clean hard-to-clean areas with large scratches. To prevent unrelated parts from being wiped, apply tape around the wound.
2. Complete the tip of the brush, apply the wheel finish paint to the scratched part of the hub (approximately 5 yuan for a treasure), and then project it slightly after the paint is dry for easy observation.
3. After the paint is completely dry, apply it on the paper towel with soapy water to make the surface smooth. Then wipe the light with the mixture and then wax again.
4. If the damage on the hub is relatively deep, be sure to observe if the metal surface is exposed. If not, it won't rust, you can fix it with lacquer. If exposed to a metal surface, it is best to go to a professional service point for disposal.
Daily maintenance considerations for the wheel:
1. When the temperature of the hub is high, do not wash it with cold water to avoid damage to the hub. It is best to wait until the cooling is done before cleaning.
2. When the hub is coated with tar that is difficult to remove, use a soft brush to remove it, but do not use a hard brush to avoid damaging the hub surface. You can try to remove the tar remedy and use the "active oil" of the drug to scorch the tar. There is a surprise.